About us

A collaboration between Artist and Educator Emilie Giles and Designer Alan Waldock, The Conductive Craft Company is an ongoing project which explores how craft practices can be joined with creative technology to teach people cross disciplinary skills within art, design and technology. 

Our Mission

We create kits which teach the production of craft-based objects embedded with lights, sensors and conductive materials. We seek to de-mystify technology and show how 'traditional' skills such as sewing, knitting and papercraft can be used to explore and explain 21st Century skills such as basic electronics and programming. 

We explore a wide range of craft practices giving you the opportunity to flex your creativity and have fun learning some awesome old-school skills

What do knitting and programming have in common? More than you might think. We use the latest technology in simple and innovative ways to augment your projects and make them even more fun and intelligent

Stop reading and start making! Take a look at our selection of kits or view our workshops page to keep up to date with all our latest events